The exchange of wedding rings has very old roots. The rings bind two people with a promise of everlasting love. Two people that become one. The same happens to the ùniti wedding rings.
They join modernity and tradition, the present and the future, the unicity of the couple and the power of their unmistakable parts. The union of the couple is symbolized by the two different colours of gold, common and precious denominator: white and yellow, or white and pink.
The matching of two colours wants to underline the different personality of the bride and of the bridegroom, who are for ever united, but different in their individualities. A line of demarcation delimits the two different colours of gold. They are both present in the ùniti wedding rings that join and distinguish the two diferent kinds of gold.
They are entirely hand-made and are the result of one of the most modern, refined, innovative and smartest realizations in modern goldsmith's art. Really, they join tradition and innovation. A single jewel shows the strong link between two people who love each other.

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