Love is Live™

A nest.
An object that recreates the fire of love, a hideout were we can return to our origins, a symbol of passion twisted with the wires of memory and hope. Gold and silver to capture the moment, focus an image, stamp in our mind a situation and make it part of the future.
The “nest” refers to the concepts of love, sharing, brotherhood, bond. Values handed down year after year, reunited in tales, told in the little carved pendants.
The egg in the center of the ring opens abstract and inner dimensions, reflects creation, nativity, heredity, life, perfection.
The ring “Love Is Life” suggests an elegant concept, resembling the ideas that make a man worth of his name. It’s not only a jewel, it’s a style icon, transforms a cultural and inner message into an art creation that transmits a philosophy of life, because “Love Is Life”.

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