About me


"An indefatigable, overwhelming love has been with my goldsmith’s and creator’s work for forty years.
An immense thirst for knowledge and the will of perfection have driven me to become a gemmologist. The unique beauty of gems, exalted by refined, unusual cuts and shapes, is at the base of my creation of jewels where materials are fused into complete symbiosis."

His first work experiences

He was born in 1962 and he started working in a goldsmith’s laboratory when he was 15.
Because of the limited instrumental support, his activity is only manual and this develops gifts of manual ability and precision in Mr. GUZZI and makes him love hand-made jewels more and more.

The love for this activity, for its creative contents and the awareness of his excellent capacities drive him to open his own goldsmith’s laboratory in Monza in 1987, at the age of only 24 years.

By now he has developed a close collaboration with some of the most important jewellers in Monza. They supply him with work and rely on him.

In 1992 the good results he had obtained, the ambition to create his own collections, which are the daughters of his fantasy and ideas and the will to develop his own business encourage Mr. GUZZI to open a larger laboratory which is bigger and designed following the aesthetic rules he has always looked for in his life.

So he moves to Villasanta which is still the home of his activity.

The completion of his professional goldsmith’s training

As he realizes that his experience is only a part of the whole area, Mr. GUZZI spends a lot of his free time frequenting the most important goldsmith’s firms in Valenza Po. Here he finds new productive technologies and takes note of the demands and the trend of different foreign customers.

His professional gemmological training

Since he was a boy, Mr. GUZZI has been in contact with every kind of precious stones and became fascinated by them.
His fantasy made him think of far away worlds and unknown mines.

In 1987 Mr. GUZZI began his first studies in gemmology because he wanted to make exclusive creations by linking different gems to the finest metals.

All this fascinates him because he is obliged to study universal geography, where gems appear to his eyes as they really are:
Before being precious things, they are fruits and gifts of the earth.
They are as different from each other as the worlds they come from.

Mr. GUZZI succeeded in obtaining the diploma in gemmology only 20 years later, in 2007.
This was due to the difficulty of his studies together with his daily work engagements which were becoming more and more important.
He was awarded his diploma by the most famous Italian authority in this field: the Italian Gemmological school in Milan.

Mr. GUZZI’s creative philosophy

Guido GUZZI makes exclusive and unique jewels. They are works of art which come out of his craftsmanship and his endless quest for beauty.

The metal comes to life in his hands. The cold brightness of gold softens, it lights up and reflects the shining soul of rare precious stones, the colours of which are always unique.

They are stones which bloom and alight on the precious metal in audacious, technical and artistic forms.

These jewels are important because of the great power of the massive gold which is deeply engraven and modelled by the artist’s hand.

The artist gives the stone a creative energy which comes from a deep contact with nature.

The presence of nature is felt in what he makes, even if it is hidden by clean lines which are full of a spirit that is at the same time linked with the present and future.
A clear, never banal design gives voice to a deep, multiform inspiration.

His creations are to be enjoyed as true emotional revelations which reveal a decisive, clear and modern personality for jewels which will always live.

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