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"Mr. GUZZI’s love for gemmology comes out of his goldsmith’s work.
This craft calls for intuition, manual ability, accuracy and the quest for beauty.
Above all it requires the ability to invent, draw, plan and express himself through the creation of jewels.

Gems allow us to combine our personal taste and aesthetic quest by their purity, rarity and colours.
They are capable of transferring and conveying different feelings and emotions.

The value of a gem is due to its being precious because it is rare and exclusive.
Its rarity must be protected and defended from imbrogli.

A gemmologist must not surrender to superficial information.

He needs precise, scientific knowledge to establish the quality of gems.
He must know how to handle them, how to cut them.
He has to analyze their colour, their purity and the place they come from.

Only research, scientific news and technology allow us to know more about the past.

Mr. GUZZI’s aim is always the absolute naturalness of a jewel.”

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Precious stones have fascinated men since ancient times because of their beauty and value which comes from their rarity and the difficulty of finding them and extracting them.

A stone which has been chosen and selected with professional skill allows a client to satisfy his needs, his personal tastes, aesthetic quests and need to diversify his investments.

The first two are subjective, but the standards by which a stone can be a sound investment are strict and objective.

Profound, scientific knowledge is necessary to estimate the quality and value of a gem.

A thorough knowledge of national and international markets and the places of origin of the stones are necessary.

We speak of far away countries such as Burma, Vietnam, Tagjikistan, Sri Lanka, Kashmir Indiano, Tanzania, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Brasil and Colombia.

Each of them may give particular, unique stones.

The same happens in Nature, where a land is particularly right for a certain kind of cultivation.

A diamond is still the stone most people ask for.

Diamonds of every carat and cut are checked and chosen by Mr. GUZZI, even if they have already been certified by GIA and IGI.

Mr. GUZZI is also interested in other famous stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires which are always accompanied by the authoritative Gubelin, Ssf and Agl certificates that all the world recognizes.

It is important to know that interesting acquisitions can be made with other coloured stones which are less well-known: tourmalines, spinals, savories, demantoids, crisoberillis and others.


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