Everything has origin from the precious material, preferred for its potentialities, the power it expresses, the skill at taking and giving rise to new shapes, the expressive energy of colour and lustre.
The technical ability turns the style of these days, taste, lines and substances into vibrating creations.

The artist got his inspiration from the balance and the emotion he follows up is that of a funambulist: a "body" hanging by the thread, rapt between earth and sky, supported only by the light.
The "Funambulist" is a goldsmith project, developed and created by Guido Guzzi, in order to accent the gemstones that are set into gold.
Inventive passion and artistic maturity bring a jewel to life with a comtemporary and modern design, fully hand made.
Sharp cut, precise lines together with smooth and shiny surfaces mark this creation and let the precious stone be the leading character: diamond, topaz and amethyst.

The gemstone is completely uncovered, exposed, enclosed but not imprisoned between the noble metal walls.
The perfection of its cut and the precision of its shape, created by capable hands applying precisely the optical rules, blend with a frame that reveals the deep brightness, scintillation and colour of the precious stone.
The gem is invaded by the light, crossed, praised but never injured.

"Funambulist" is the result of a delicate but tough job, hard but passionate; it is a piece of jewel full of charisma; created wisely due to the artist's imagination, that is translated by his hand into a precious, unique masterwork and not changeable any more.

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